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What is dark circles camouflage?

Dark circles camouflage is a procedure that aims to minimize the contrast between the color of the dark circles and the rest of the facial skin. The treatment is carried out using the tattoo technique, but specific needles are used for this procedure and the pigment is applied differently.

Who can practice dark circles camouflage?

For this treatment, only the dark circles of pigmentation are classified (areas where the concentration of melanin is well visible) They do not classify dark circles. When undergoing this treatment the dark circles could turn somewhat pink or violet for those patients who suffer from chronic allergies, in these cases, the specialist will determine whether or not the patient is a candidate for this procedure.

What results can I expect from dark circles?

The result of this procedure will not be visible immediately, as the application of the ink can cause inflammation and redness in the treated area. In most cases it is recommended to perform 2 to 3 sessions to obtain greater results, since everything depends on the level of healing and absorption of the skin and the levels of melanin concentration. The results will be evaluated after 30 days through photos that the technician will request to check the evolution of the treatment.

Dark circles camouflage | Technique and protocol

The first step is to place local anesthesia for approximately 25 minutes. Once the area is ready for treatment, marking is done to delimit the areas where the highest concentration of pigment is required. The technique used for the Camouflage of dark circles is the same as the tattoo technique with the difference that another type of needle will be used and the pigment will be applied differently.

Dark circles camouflage | Recovery and care

The patient should apply cold compresses or gel bags (not frozen) depending on the specialist’s recommendation. You should also use a specific dermal ointment after 48 hours at the specialist's recommendation. It is important not to expose the eye region to the sun during the first 15 days and not to use makeup. Physical exercise is not recommended during the first 7 days and the use of creams is discarded until after 15 days. You should not subject the tattooed region to other aesthetic procedures since this skin is in a dermal restoration process during the first 30 days. Nor should you perform any procedure that involves Laser as this can indirectly remove the ink applied.

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