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What is it?

Labiaplasty is a surgical intervention that we can call "intimate surgeries." This procedure, usually for aesthetic purposes, is done to give the woman the young appearance of her genital lips. The aesthetic concern has also reached the genital area so many women decide to have this procedure. The most requested techniques are the reduction of the labia minora and the augmentation of the labia majora.

Who can have the procedure?

This procedure can be performed on women of all ages who are not comfortable with the shape or size of their genital lips. The intimate area is extremely important, so being comfortable with your appearance plays an important role in women's self-esteem. Over the years, childbirth, overexertion and also some genetic conditions can cause aesthetic alterations in the female genital area, therefore, cosmetic surgery has developed techniques such as Labiaplasty.

What results can I expect from the procedure?

From this procedure you can expect a change in your genital lips either in shape or size. Our professionals can reduce the size of the labia minora or increase the labia majora to return the original and desired shape to your intimate area.

Labiaplasty | Consultation process

The consultation is the ideal place for patients to talk with the doctor about the surgery and its options. The patient should tell the doctor her expectations regarding the surgery and ask any questions she may have. Each case of Labiaplasty is different and personalized because each woman is unique.

Labiaplasty | Technique and protocol

This procedure is cataloged as minor surgery and can be performed with local anesthesia plus a sedative, for the patient's comfort. In the reduction of the labia minora, the surgeon will make a small incision that allows him to remove excess tissue and skin. Once the excess skin is removed, the surgeon will close the incision. In the case of the increase of the labia majora, microinjections of fat are usually used, so a traditional incision is not required.

Labiaplasty | Recovery and postoperative care

Like in any of our surgeries, once the procedure has been performed, a follow-up will be carried out to check the patient's general state of health and its evolution during the postoperative period. The medical staff will give all the necessary recommendations for a quick recovery. The first 48 hours after this surgery require rest. The patient will be able to return to their daily activities in approximately 7 days. The inflammation and discomfort will subside gradually in the first seven days. It is not recommended to perform physical exercises until after a month. The Labiaplasty patient should not have sex until after approximately 4 weeks.

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