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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that is used to correct or rebuild eyebrows that have a shortage or lack of hair. This also allows thickening or darkening the existing eyebrows giving them a more defined shape. Unlike a regular tattoo, Microblading is an artistic form of tattoo where the pigment is implanted under the skin with a manual tool instead of a machine.

Who can perform Microblading?

This treatment is indicated for the correction of asymmetries or imperfections such as scars or partial or total depopulations, for those who need to make up their eyebrows daily because they do not have eyebrows or are very depopulated and for those who want an eyebrow that harmonizes or embellishes their face.

What results can I expect?

The result is very defined natural eyebrows that balance the facial features. The patient who undergoes this treatment can check the aesthetic improvement immediately. The duration of these results will be conditioned by factors such as the patient's skin status, cell renewal and even daily activity. In some cases a touch-up will be necessary every six months or once a year. When the patient detects that he loses the hue or uniformity of color in the treated area, it is the ideal time to perform maintenance.

Microblading | Consultation process

In the consultation, the specialist will explain to the patient what this technique consists of and its benefits. The appropriate pigment will be chosen and you will be informed about the estimated sessions as well as the permanence, durability of the treatment and the care before and after it.

Those who suffer from diseases that can be transmitted by contact with blood should notify the specialist.

Microblading | Technique and protocol

A previous make-up is performed, which the patient and the technician must approve at the beginning of the session. The technique consists in making superficial and fine cuts that mimic the shape of the real eyebrows. This is how hair is drawn hair simulating the thickness, size and direction of the hair to achieve a natural result. It is done with shades that harmonize with the color of the hair, the tone of the eyes and the type of skin of the patient. The procedure is practically painless, easy to perform and fast healing.

Microblading | Recovery and care

It is recommended to avoid sun exposure in the first days after treatment. It is also recommended to avoid saunas, baths in public pools, beaches or other risk areas for at least the first two weeks. Cosmetics should not be used during this time in the affected area. It is important to perform a touch-up after the first month to maintain the results.

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