Botox For Wrinkle

Botox For Wrinkle

Wrinkles are one of our greatest enemy when it comes to taking care of our image. Sometimes, no creams or care routines are sufficient. Over the years it reaches us all without distinction and life leaves its marks on our skin. External damage such as climate, stress and natural aging are the main causes of the change of our skin and the consequent appearance of wrinkles. So to our luck, cosmetic surgery is evolving every day to offer patients effective treatments that allow us to see us younger longer. One of these treatments is precisely the use of Botox for wrinkle.  

Botox for wrinkle is, in fact, a trade name of botulinum toxin used for very different treatments. This toxin is used in treatments for migraine headaches, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), blepharospasm, incontinence, overactive bladder, cervical dystonia among many other uses. But perhaps the best known is the cosmetic use. 

Botox For Wrinkle: Treatment 

 Treatment of Botox For Wrinkle applied for facial rejuvenation is a simple and rapid procedure visible results. The application of the toxin is carried out directly in the area to be treated.

Botox for wrinkle works specifically causing muscle paralysis smooth, ie, botulinum toxin causes inhibition of acetylcholine at synapses muscle causing blocking muscle contraction. Unable to contract the muscle relaxes and then, wrinkles disappear. It is ideal for areas where we have the most active facial muscles procedure: the forehead, the horizontal lines, the lines above the nose, etc.    

Botox for wrinkles is a treatment that can be applied to all people who want to rejuvenate your face erasing wrinkles and fine lines. It is a temporary treatment that usually lasts four to six months. After that time the treatment can be applied again or quit, depending on patient preferences, without this cause any harm to the body. The application is made by microinjection fine needle directly into the facial muscles. The procedure itself lasts no more than twenty minutes and is perfectly bearable.

The doctor will ask the patient to pucker your facial muscles to determine which ones are causing most visible expression marks. The procedure can cause redness and some swelling to be sent to the clock. During this time it is advisable to keep the head upright and not apply makeup or take sun in the treated facial area.  

Benefits of Botox 

Botox for wrinkle is a treatment that has many advantages over other rejuvenating techniques although it is a temporary effect procedure:

  • It is a technique for quick and easy application
  • The results are noticeable from forty-eight hours. During those two days you will be acting toxin in the body to relax muscle activity.
  • It is an outpatient procedure that does not require hospitalization
  • Does not require a recovery period so it can immediately resume their daily activities as long as you keep medical recommendations during the first twenty four hours.
  • It is a simple treatment that does not usually have any complications even allergic.
The results you can expect from this treatment are recovering firmness and brightness and eliminating facial wrinkles and fine lines. Botox for wrinkle is a procedure that also can be combined with other so-called facial rejuvenation such as dermal fillers.