Tips for a Perfect Breast Augmentation Surgery

 Tips for a Perfect Breast Augmentation Surgery

The Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular interventions seen today in plastic surgery clinics all around the world, and this is not because it is a simple surgery or one that should be taken lightly. It is essential that each patient along with their surgeon choose the best option for their body structure and desires.

is as the name describes, it is designed for the enlargement and betterment of the feminine breast figure. This practice is also known as augmentation of Mamoplastia, it can vary in volume, form and overall texture of the chest area through implants.Breast augmentation surgery

Breast Augmentation surgery

For a Breast augmentation surgery to be fully successful whether we refer to silicone gel or saline solution there are many details to take into account before going through with the procedure.

According to specialist at My Cosmetic Surgery, amongst these details are determining the desired size, texture, and proportions of the chest being implanted. For this it is necessary to keep in mind the proportion of the hips in relation to each breast in order for each patient to obtain the desired look.

Factors such as height, weight, and wideness of shoulders and hips can also influence in the decision making process of selecting an implant. The majority of patients wish to even out the balance between the upper body and lower body, however others wish to obtain a much rounder form and accentuate the lower extremities over the rest of the body.




Breast implants for all

Fortunately, and thanks to the constant scientific growth, there are various implants with different shapes and profiles in order to establish the proportions and measurements that will most adapt to the desires and anatomy of a woman.

Each person has different desired results. Most of the time patients who want to have a breast augmentation surgery have an idea of the proportion and measurements they wish to obtain and it is important to spent enough time in each consultation in order to find the option that will best suit the vision they have for themselves. This decision making process influences highly on the final outcome.

In our clinic, My cosmetic surgery in Miami, The
breast augmentation surgeries are done by Dr. M.D., Dr.M.D. and Dr.A.A.C.S., all accredited and with extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery as well as many other cosmetic practices. The satisfaction of our patients serve to back up our great results.