Developing Products in Cosmetic Surgery

Developing Products in Cosmetic Surgery  

What is New? 

Developing products for cosmetic surgery are evolving at a satisfying rate because the demand for newer and better procedures is growing day by day.Scientists are working on procedures such as facelifts, to be performed with lasers, which were traditionally performed with scalpel, allowing less recovery time and scarring. Tissue engineering is no longer a figment of the imagination. Regeneration of living tissues in a lab for replacing a diseased or damaged body part is possible these days. The future of cosmetic surgery has never looked brighter thanks to new and inovative products and procedures. Listed below are the developing products and techniques available in the world of cosmetic and reconstructive treatments. 

Developing Products

Artecoll will be the first injection to permanently treat skin wrinkles. The procedure may involve injecting suspended plastic beads found in the collagen extracted from cows. This will stimulate the body to permanently generate its own collagen. "Artecoll can permanently eliminate unsightly lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking younger, radiant and revitalized," says Dr. Hamilton, an MD and a renowned plastic surgeon."Plus, the effects look extremely natural." 

• Botulinum toxins Botox is not suitable option for everybody as sometimes its not strong enough or may be due to their body's rejection response towards botox. For those people the future may bring Myobloc or Dysport. Myobloc is type B botulinum toxin different from Botox, which is type A and therefore may be helpful for people who are not candidates for Botox. Dosage of Myobloc is larger, it lasts little longer , and shows more immediate results than botox, according to the studies. However, none of the two products have got approval by the FDA, but the "stage 3 trial" for this product is already on its way! 

• Hyaluronic acid is found in skin tissue. Yuzuri Hara, known as “The Village of Long Life, is a Japanese village in which people longer and women have "spotless skin" even in their 90s. Researchers believe that high hyaluronic acid in their skin, due to the diet of the people of that village, is the "key anti-aging ingredient".Recently, hyaluronic acid is used by two brand names- Restylane and Hylaform in Europe, South America and Canada for mild wrinkle and scar treatment. Effect of Restylane has been shown long lasting than Hylaform. FDA has approved both of these products recently.

Radiesse is derived from human bones and teeth. It is a paste which is injected into the skin of lips to fill creases. Studies reported it lasts 2-5 years. There is little chance of allergic reaction to Radiance as it is derived from human tissue. However, FDA has not given approval to Radiance for use in cosmetic treatment- not yet but it'll be in theb market in the near future. 

• CosmoDerm and Cosmoplast  Collagen producing cells are found in newborn foreskins. Scientists have been able to replicate these newborn cells to generate the collagen required for injection. Another treatment session after 3-6 months is required as this material is absorbed by the body. With Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast allergy testing for patients is not needed before treating fine lines and deep wrinkles. CosmoDerm and Cosmoplast both have been approved by the FDA. My Cosmetic Surgery, Miami If you are considering cosmetic treatments for enhancing your looks with latest available techniques, My Cosmetic Surgery, Miami is a right place for you. Team of Cosmetic Surgeons and medical experts of this clinic is conducting continuous research in the field of cosmetic surgery and have brought appreciable results with currently available latest techniques.