Lifting of Sagging Breasts

Lifting of sagging breasts

Problems regarding to flaccid skin are very common as consequence of natural aging, in the majority of cases. However that is not the only cause of low breast. The medical term for this is referred to as “ptosis” of the breast and its cause has not yet been defined or comprehended. Specialist evaluate the gravity of this situation according to the position of the nipple in relation to the lowest point on the breast.

There are various factors that influence the development and progression of sagging breasts. One of these factors in smoking cigars. There is a protein called Elsatina in our skin that is responsible for the elasticity. The action of smoking causes a discomposure of said protein a diminishes the skins ability to stretch. This can cause the lifting of breast to become a problematic process.

Lifting of sagging breasts in Miami

When a woman turns 30 years old they begin to loose tissue fat, this results in a reduction of size and fullness. One of the first symptoms of flaccidness in a woman’s breast is the notable change of the areola towards the lower area of the breast. The ligaments and connective tissue in a woman’s breasts are what enables a woman’s chest to have form, estrogen is rewquired to maintain this elasticity. When a woman begins to age, the amount of estrogen in their body begins to diminish and this has a negative effect on the flexibility of the skin and in return causes the breast to begin to sag. This is why they resort to undergoing the cosmetic procedure of lifting of sagging breast.

Lifting of sagging breast in My Cosmetic

The Lifting of sagging breasts is a surgery in which the tissue and especially the nipple of a breast is modified in order to have it be placed higher on the breast. This treatment is also referred to as Mastopexia. It must be added that there are various kinds of surgeries that fall under this same category of breast lifting.

Lifting of sagging breasts can be done as an independent procedure or at the time as other breast surgeries.  When referring to this kind of operation it is likely that a patient may desire to lift or reduce the size of the breasts simultaneously.

Much like when mammary tissue is removed significantly it is referred to as breast reduction, simi9larly the reduction of the mammary tissue is referred to as lifting of the breast wish includes the removing of mammary tissue. Another procedure is the lifting of the breast with breast enlargement.

The results of the breast lifting surgery are long lasting, however, some factors can make the breast begin to sag again. Generally, the weakness that is produced after a breast lifting is not as extreme as prior to the surgery. If there are any further questions please call 305-264-9636 and our specialists in My Cosmetic surgery will be willing to help.