Vaser Liposuction by Jeffrey LaGrasso in Miami

Vaser Liposuction by Dr. M.D.

In My Cosmetic Surgery, known as the number one clinic in South Florida, many novel cosmetic procedures are performed. It is precisely the case of Vaser Liposuction by Jeffrey LaGrasso which is very demanded among our patients. This procedure is a pioneering technique, which adds to the traditional method of liposuction, the help of ultrasound technology for more effective fat removal from the cells themselves.

Vaser Liposuction by Jeffrey LaGrasso is even more effective. These plastic and reconstructive surgeons with experience also in cities like New York, California and, of course, Miami brings to the Vaser Lipo his skill as an experienced surgeon in such procedures. These techniques require skilled professionals who can perform them correctly. Dr. M.D. is a specialist when modeling the human figure.

Vaser Liposuction by Dr. M.D. technique

The Vaser Lipo deals with a liposuction technique that uses ultrasound to attack fat cells and dilute them. The treated areas can be diverse, abdomen, hips, thighs (inside or outside), legs and arms. Once the fat has been diluted and stripped the surgeon inserts a cannula to remove localized fat. This technique can eliminate even the most stubborn fat. Then, the treated areas get firmness and invigoration. Vaser Liposuction by Jeffrey LaGrasso is a unique masterpiece just comparable to that of a sculptor artwork.

In addition, for demanding patient with his image, we have a version of Vaser Liposuction by Dr. M.D. that is what has been called the Vaser Hi Definition. What is this variation about? This variant uses a special cannula for selective extraction of fat. This procedure is used in patients who originally have a fairly good physical shape and want a better muscle definition.

Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction can become your muscles perfect. It has had many applications, especially in the abdomen, with the "Six Pack". The Dr. M.D. surgeon, with his staff has specialized in these body techniques that can please any demand.

Vaser Liposuction by Dr. M.D. recovery process 

These procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia for patient comfort and surgeon and they are usually outpatient. Hospitalization is not required once the patient is recovered from the effects of anesthesia.

Aftercares are always essential for optimal results. It is important to take some days for resting using a medical strip. This compression garment is extremely beneficial after a Vaser Lipo, because it forces the tissues and muscles to stay in the new position and helps, the skin retraction faster and to relieve inflammation in the postoperative period.

Liposuction Vaser by Jeffrey LaGrasso is an excellent and innovative technique, both for patients with large areas of localized fat to people in good shape who want to get a "body 10". The results are proof of what happens when the most effective techniques and best hands work together. If you want to know about this procedure or our surgeons you can visit My Cosmetic Surgery. You may join the list of thousands of satisfied patients that are with us for two decades.