Blepharolaser and Centro Facial Flash Tensor

Blepharolaser and Centrofacial flash tensor

Blepharolaser and Centrofacial flash tensor are new mini-invasive techniques that take boom in cosmetic procedures nowadays. As we get older our skin deteriorates causing the classic symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, spots and flabbiness. The skin and muscular flabbiness causes some tissue decreases in three dimensions. We also notice a loss of volumes of tissues.

For correcting the lateral flabbiness of your face (fall of tissues in the neck and jaw line) there are very effective "lift techniques" as the fast and barely traumatic “lift express”. However, there are not many procedures that allow replacement tissues descended from the center of the face. Therefore, we describe the centrofacial flash tensor technique, which was specifically designed for corrections on the center of the face.

Centrofacial flash tensor and blepharolaser, something new:

It is a surgery technique minimally invasive for the replacement of the descended tissues and lost volumes from the center of the face. It allows cheekbone volume replacement, the elimination of double bags and the improvement of the nasolabial folds.

They make a small laser incision through the conjunctiva inside the lower eyelid (for not leaving visible scars) through which they pass a suture that collects the descended tissue, lifting it and anchoring it in the region of bottom bone orbit. If the problem is difficult to treat, the suture path will require an adjacent incision of 1 cm which is done by taking advantage of these wrinkles and also the fact that it heals without leaving obvious marks.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patient will be at home immediately. Occasionally, if patient requires an adjacent incision, he will take a small flesh colored dressing on both sides of the eyes, near the temple, for five days. The recovery process is from five days to a week, being variable depending on the intensity of the effect to correct and the tendency to inflammation of the patient.

Blepharolaser: A minisurgery to remove eyelid bags

Blepharolaser is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that allows the elimination of bags of fat from the upper and lower eyelids and the removal of skin excess around the eyes. You can take a rejuvenation of the entire area.

This technique offers several advantages or benefits in relation to other techniques. It gives more natural correction of the upper eyelid and its scars. It also offers a very natural correction of the excesses and defects of ocular skin, and a greater correction of what they call crow's feet. It also allows plasty, which a correction thick and prominent muscles without too many cuts, among other advantages.

New techniques that promote beauty among men and women act every day to offer a better way of life to patients, according to the new parameters of aesthetic welfare in which our society is immersed.