Breast augmentation by fat transfer technique

Breast Augmentation by fat transfer technique, another possibility. 

Breast augmentation by fat transfer technique has become today the star procedure within the most demanded cosmetic surgeries. Breasts captured the attention of all eyes because this feminine attribute has enjoyed special connotation since always. It is a direct object of femininity and source of life, feeding, breasts have always been cared for and pampered and flattered by all the canons of beauty. Today, according to the current aesthetic ideal are many women seeking breast augmentation to get the desired breasts (in shape and size) so that plastic surgery invests heavily in improving their techniques and creating new methods. One of the most boom is taking right now is breast augmentation by fat transfer technique

Breast augmentation by fat transfer technique 

This technique does not replace the traditional augmentation surgery with implants but offers other possibilities for an individual patient type. Breast augmentation by fat transfer technique has added in its outcome; besides achieving the desired shape and size breasts, the silhouette of the patient is perfectly sculpted. Yeah, exactly like this. This surgery takes a combination of procedures. On the one hand, an extraction of the “unwanted” fat normally is located in areas such as the abdomen, thighs and hips are performed. And, secondly, the surgeon injects the fat (on optimization and preparation) breasts to give them the desired shape.

The method used is the combination of a traditional liposuction procedure more fat transfer, similar to what is done in the Brazilian Butt Lift. The surgeon inserts a cannula to remove localized fat (as in any liposuction) using a suction machine. The second stage of the procedure corresponds to those fat injections in the breasts to give them the desired size and shape.

Benefit of breast augmentation by fat transfer technique 

Breast augmentation by fat transfer technique has a dual beneficial action, remodeling the breasts and improving overall silhouette where excess fat is removed. It is not better intervention or replacement of saline or gel implants, but that is another type of procedure for the same purpose. Of course, the patient must have some localized fat deposit that can be redistributed.

There are many benefits of breast augmentation by fat transfer technique so try to list a few. The lipotransference use patient’s own fat, so their body will not reject it. Breast augmentation when being fat injections does not have a major incision that requires a subsequent healing. This results in the postoperative period is shorter and with less hassle. Some patients report that this procedure results look more natural to the eye and to the touch.

It is undoubtedly a good choice within modern cosmetic techniques. Who would tell us we could redistribute to our liking those “masitas”? Get a statuesque figure while taking the desired breast size seems an unrealistic procedure, as created by the mind of a dreamy woman. Cosmetic surgery is constantly creating new methods so, there is no impossible.