The elimination of cellulite through Endermologie in Miami

The elimination of cellulite through Endermologie in Miami

Another of the procedures we have in my Cosmetic Surgery for the elimination of the cellulite is the Endermologie, one of the early techniques that were used by the cosmetic surgery to achieve the body will gently wiggle each shovel through the decrease of the circumference of the thighs and waist and to promote the aesthetics of the skin. However the range of applications,cellulite is the condition where best results can be seen with this appliance.


According to studies, more than 85 percent of women suffer from to some degree the cellulitis,which is a disease that is characterized by promoting the image of holes on the surface of the skin.The reality are two adjustable rollers working to massage the skin and sucking at the same time.Well there is an increase of movement of the blood,greater oxygenation of adipose tissue and the elimination of toxins from the body.

This Procedure 

With this procedure will be creating a symmetrical skin after that double and then deployment with the effect of the rollers.This is due to a deep massage and slowly that help to exacerbate the effects of expulsion of fluids,promote the functioning of the lymphatic and venous systems and to reduce the volume, because it destroys the grease in the points of the body more unfathomable.At the same time that reduces the adipose tissue, it is still a result of advances in the aesthetics of the skin with a gradual reduction of the holes and the so-called "orange peel" that form cellulite.
The procedure starts with the clothing of the patient with a particular costume to be able to assimilate the treatment through the rollers..some level of discomfort will be felt in a steady way,especially by the process of suction of the fat in the case of the thighs ,the movement of the rollers is doing in all the parties.According to studies, as they increase the session will be seeing results as a considerable loss of fat and greater smoothness of the skin.

This,of course,it is closely linked with the elimination of the cellulite ,which in just twentie session can improve up to 50 percent it is appropriate that the patient keep track with this technique for a while ,as you will be  indicated by our specialists in therapeutic.After the intensive sessions of two per week ,this will be once a month with the aim of that the results will look at the treatment of cellulite as same look aesthetic issues such as hair or face :If it is not on a regular basis, the problem will recur and our body is out.