Cheek Implants in cosmetic surgery

Cheek Implants

The falling of the cheek as we age is a side effect. Cheek implants, also called cheek augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that adds volume to facial areas that lack definition, giving the face a more balanced look. From My Cosmetic Surgery we approach your knowledge. As we age, loss of muscle tone and fat that lies beneath the surface of the skin, can flatten the area of the cheeks. Cheek implants are ideal for people with a narrow or flat face, or those who have lost contour cheekbones due to congenital deficiencies, facial trauma or the aging processCheek implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized in order to improve the facial structure and combat the effects of aging.

Cheek implants, procedure

During surgery an incision is made inside the mouth or just below the bottom of the tabs. Then the implant is inserted either in the outer area of the upper cheek to create an effect of high cheekbones, or the lower middle area or cheek to help fill the face. Some patients choose to have a combination of both. The incisions are then closed with sutures that dissolve in a week or two. The operation lasts between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the degree of difficulty of the procedure and the implant material used.

Cheek implants, transmit youth

The cheeks are also important to give a youthful appearance to the face. Facial volume is lost naturally fat deposits shift as a result of aging. This gives the face a look "sunken". Cheek implants can help overcome this problem and achieve a body and a handsome face. Cheek implants give more body and improve the contour of the poorly defined cheeks. People with a weak structure cheekbones, a narrow face or flat, or who have lost cheek contour because of age can benefit from this cosmetic enhancement offered surgery cheek augmentation. The simplicity of the surgery and the relatively low cost of implants make it a particularly attractive aesthetic solution.