Circulating Team in Cosmetic Surgeries

Circulating Team in Cosmetic Surgeries

Many times before, the work most talked about when ever someone is speaking of surgeries is the one from the surgeon and medical assistant.But nevertheless, in My Cosmetic Surgery we give much importance to the work done by all of our staff,who with great sacrifice and love serve to our Miami and all over Florida patient interested in a cosmetic surgeries high needs. Therefor,we approach the ladies who day by day prepare the road to surgical procedures. Circulating team is what we call them.  

What are They 

They carry a United States Medical Assistent license,but there main goal is to "prepare the operating room,patient and the instruments.In general what we do is prepare the operating theatre",Amarilis Gomez quotes,with several years of experience in this field in our clinic.When one walks in a My Cosmetic Surgery operating room is astonished of the amount of people that work for just one patients need.The staff,with tranquility and professionalism,bring back beauty dreams to tens of people who day by day walk into this facilitie.The "circulating team" are a essential part of this team,post they put together the pieces to puzzle. 

Circulating Team

We joined MA.Leyanis Reyes while she was sterilizing part of the surgical instruments.Close to her another part of the operating room staff was performing a liposuction transfer."We guarantee the conditions for the patient to get ready in the preoperative room: there hats,socks,shoes,there clothes in general.In addition to that we ask them of any previous medicines they were taking or any health problems they might have had,as well as a pregnancy test...,we then wait for the surgeon and anesthesiologist and hand them the patient",she assures.MA Dayana Catala is a little more specific about the pregnancy test and the importance of it."This test is necessary for the anesthesia.A woman been pregnant is huge contraindication to the surgery.We've had many cases where the patient claims she isn't pregnant and the test shows diffrent.We do this as a routine procedure that way we can go ahead and start the surgery", she says. This ladies are focused and constantly learning from our clinic MD.,being that each one of them have there own peculiarities,like the great professional that they are.Concuring the team harmony and allowing all the members involved to perform there jobs,something that patients notice right away and leeds to high levels of acceptance of our services.