Aesthetic Benefits of Collagen

Aesthetic Benefits of Collagen

The aesthetic benefits of collagen are fully accredited by specialists of My Cosmetic Surgery for being one of the indicated treatments as complements to our aesthetic procedures that seek at making people look younger. Using collagen to achieve aesthetic benefits is more and more common in plastic medicine.  

Prices for this treatment are quite accessible, so it is very normal to see this compound in many creams and advanced techniques. In addition, you can find it as a food supplement in capsules.

Aesthetic benefits for our body: Collagen

Collagen is the most frequent protein in our body. It represents 25% of nutrients in our body. For that reason, it is one of the most demanded elements in the production of creams, anti-wrinkle treatments or others used for anti-wrinkle treatments.

These injections are used to supplement the facelift. Their proteins make skin regenerate through cosmetic surgeries and collagen injections. You can look good every time and also save your money. 

Collagen aesthetic benefits:

Collagen injections improve the appearance and skin tension. It will permit skin moisturized and firm. The natural collagen in our body prevents sagging of our skin, a very common problem in areas like arms and abdomen. Thanks to it and its aesthetic benefits we can keep bones and joints strong and healthy. 

With collagen injections we ensure a natural and effective results. It is an excellent time to terminate or increase the benefits of facelift. This treatment can be done as many times as you need, the procedure can be adapted to our body, following our aesthetic and economic needs. 

Over the years, the production of this protein is reduced because of the cells that generate it. When people are 40 or older they produce half of collagen in adolescence period. It generates an aging and a significant loss of flexibility in tissues containing collagen.

This aging process can be slower if we approach a diet rich in this protein and quality supplements. Foods that promote this element production are: chicken, fish, red meat, soy and sugar-free gelatin. 

With this article we acknowledge the multiple aesthetic benefits of collagen in the recovery or transformation of our body.