Speaking patients of My Cosmetic Surgery

Speaking patients of My Cosmetic Surgery

To speak of the quality of a service is required from the example. For this reason my Cosmetic Surgery has among its favorite patients to beautiful girls that want to stay "in shape" in what to aesthetic concerns.Two of them,Tatiana Domingues and Yimey Vázquez,agreed to tell their experiences with different procedure.Tatiana was a liposuction with fat transfer and went to our MD Fabian Fontaine to use local anesthesia:"I have always been of slim proportions, but at the same time I have always had a little extra fat.Now I don't have "the muffing top" behind my back, and I feel so much better because I can wear my bikinis to go to the beach without feeling any kind of insecurity".

Cosmetic Surgery 

Excess fat in your stomach was located in the buttocks, with what she now possesses in her 35 years of age a pleasant proportion in her body.And this has improved with the settlement of her breasts, those who suffered for a time the misfortunes of a previous operation in another clinic:"Here I found myself with the possibility of breast lift with change of implant.Before then my breast looked to big, did not appear to be natural and then the MD Jose Zayas refined the shape,suitable to my body" she ensures.

What type of implants that you use?

The saline water.It was the one recommended by the Doctor and until now the evolution has been perfect.The first weeks of the first month I had follow-up consultations and now I see my doctors regularly for all three surgeries.It is a matter of appreciation of each individual physician,but the saline water to me has settled very well.With equal satisfaction speaks to us Yimey,who despite her 31 years shows a slim body and with the gratitude of having undergone the liposuction months before getting pregnant.
She says that this has freed her from excess stomach fat that could not be eliminated via exercises and diets,at the same time, it has opened doors to have a pregnancy that does not affect both its image."Don't deny that I was so scared at the beginning.But chatting with the MD Jeffrey LaGrasso I realized that the liposculpture Vaser could be excellent,especially because it is made with ultrasonic waves of low frequency that obtained the contraction of the muscle tissue.And I can tell you that never took pills for the pain in the recovery and as early as four days was working again in the clinic,in spite of my lipo was quite aggressive because they gave me a high definition, and I lost a bit of blood."maintains.Luckily for the credits of My Cosmetic Surgery,the two girls walk proud today through the aisles of the clinic and the patients can take as an example of the positive results of our cosmetic surgeries.