Repair of the deviated nasal septum in Miami

Repair of the Deviated Nasal Septum in Miami

Repair of the deviated nasal septum: Within the dysfunctions in the nose that most affect the health and aesthetics of the person is a deviated septum. This is a very common procedure, because patients have difficulty breathing and by others see altered its image. In the case of deviations occur product of a trauma, can be reached to produce fractures that plague both the bone and the cartilage. Because the nose is the part that most protrudes from the face, are frequent beatings on it.

Deviated nasal Septum

In early life this type of shock can lead to a child's suffer significant deviations in there nose, by the amount of cartilage, which owns and by its flexibility. In My Cosmetic Surgery this procedure can be done in conjunction with rhinoplasty or independently. The septoplasty is done without external incisions, because the operation is penetrating in the nostrils and removing or resetting the parties of the septum with greatest deviation. Before the surgery surgeons will explore the inside of the nose with a rhinoscope for a proper consideration of the condition.
Using general anesthesia, the procedure can take up to an hour. Once completed, will be plugged both holes in the nose with the objective of the septum is in the right place to avoid hemorrhage. Once removed the plugs two days after surgery, the patient will begin to breathe with difficulty, because you will have swelling and scabs typical of manipulation. Around a month is a reasonable period to notice significant improvements, which will also be noticed in the aesthetics.

It is recommended that the patient sleeps with one or two pillows and to avoid strenuous physical activity, which includes the improper handling of the nose and the whooshing strong. According to the body of a person and their recovery,this can be incorporated into the work activities with in three days. For a period of several days is positive be nasal irrigation with the application of saline solution.

Patients Duties 

It is very convenient for the patient to follow the advice of our doctors who recommend not to drink or eat anything eight hours before the procedure, and offer on prior consultation appropriate information on the antiviral medications that usually take. Also, avoid eating blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and some types of tea.
Normally the septum is deviated once that departs from the central axis that divides the face. It is estimated that about 80 percent of people have this problem, which in their majority with a slight diversion that does not affect the breathing or the image of the face.