Eyelids reduction with the blepharoplasty

Eyelids reduction with blepharoplasty 

Many people, who suffer from excess of skin or fat in the eyelids, come to our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery to be treated. In these cases, people cannot see well, they have fine wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles on the lower eyelid. Our specialists recommend them a facelift or blepharoplasty, which improves and rejuvenates this area of ​​the face.

This is a surgical procedure designed to remove the excess of skin, soft tissue and fat deposits that appear in the upper and / or lower eyelids. The effect is very favorable and lasting, it makes a patient look younger and rested. It can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.

The procedure of eyelids reduction

The eyelids reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove fat and excess of skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Surgery can correct the separation of the upper eyelids and the bags from the bottom of the eyes.

The procedure is done through an incision made in the eyelid crease that is completely hidden after surgery. Generally, we apply an ophthalmic ointment and dressings with very cold saline for the patient to feel good. It is not necessary to blindfold.

Eyelids are considered the body portion with better healing, so the incisions heal smoothly and become invisible shortly after surgery.

Eyelids reduction: recovery process 

The patient is discharged the same day after the eyelids reduction surgery. It is recommended to keep a liquid diet during the first twelve hours. The patient should keep his or her head elevated with two pillows. During the first two days we recommend to put small bags with frozen peas in your eyes. 

Most patients who undergo an eyelids reduction surgery get back to work a week after the surgery. Besides, they can return to do exercises three weeks later. The final results will be fully apparent two or three months after surgery.

After seeing what blepharoplasty can do for your appearance, many patients wish to supplement these changes with other procedures, including brow lift, forehead lift and facelift.


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