Facial Treatments for you daily care

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments to rejuvenate and improve the skin of our face. The facial skin is exposed daily to various factors that can accelerate the aging process and which, if not pay attention, can cause alterations that aesthetically not be frowned upon. From My Cosmetic Surgery we approach the knowledge of these procedures. To counteract the damage caused by pollution, sun exposure or poor diet, among others, the cosmetics industry has created a lot of products for skin care that can help regenerate and rejuvenate.

Banana facial treatments

Take two bananas, crushed without its shell until it becomes a paste, add two tablespoons of thousand to add an extra cleaner, if too thick mix, you can add a few drops of water and then apply on your skin waiting for his effect for 15 or 20 minutes.

Avocado facial treatments

Its properties on the epidermis, avocado is one of the most sought-after by the cosmetic industry natural products. Fatty avocado oils are ideal to moisturize dry skin. Pisa half avocado until creamy, add a tablespoon of honey, a little natural yogurt and if your skin needs additional moisture, add a quart of oil pure virgin olive oil. After the mixture apply it on its face and neck. It is important to be washed well before the skin so that it accepts ideally ingredients.

Lemon and Sea Salt treatments

A facial sea salt and lemon juice not only smells Caribbean, but also easy to make and great to recover the youth of our face. It is recommended to combine a quarter of sea salt with lemon, until thick, or mixture, according to the taste of each. We apply on our skin, prewashed and clean with some mild soap, avoiding sensitive areas. With eyes closed we can enjoy this for a few minutes while cleaning lemon juice removes dead skin cells. At the end of it we can wash with warm water. There are other facial treatments, some applied from our clinic, which can be accessed by dialing 305-264-9636 and by contacting our specialists.