Elimination of keloid in Miami

Elimination of keloid in Miami

The appearance of keloid skin is closely related to problems of collagen, which causes an increase in the production of skin tissue once it is healing. Therefore clear, as many suffering in medicine, is not a definitive source, since scientific research contradict themselves.

In addition, keloid is considered as an incomplete tumor, which means, that it does not advance until maturation. Its manifestation is similarly associated with factors such as race, being the black humans who most likely tend to form them, although this statement decreased by a primacy of keloids in white is seen in several regions.

Treatments in Miami

Dr.M.D., specialist of My Cosmetic Surgery, explains that his team daily receive patients from throughout Florida with this problem, which is nothing more than a connective tissue hypertrophy. Its manifestation depends on the organism of the person, as in the healing of a rapidly growing and others this process is much slower.

There are several ways to attack them: "the scalpel, laser, steroids, radiation, pressure, we specifically use the steroid, in this case the Kenalog". 

How effective is this technique against keloid?

The Kenalog is a strong steroid injected intraqueloide. It can be repeated three or four times at an injection rate per session. And sessions are every two months. If you ask me for the results, I say that they are very positive. In case of patients with Keloids of large size they can be reduced up to 80 percent. And in small cases, the reduction can be total.

Dr. Iglesias explains that in the case that the keloid be removed first using other techniques, would begin a process of injections with smaller doses of steroid in order to prevent the formation back to emerge. For diagnosis, it is appropriate to wait for a period of one year to determine it. In cases of old scars and Keloids much hardness in which the needle hard work enter, is required the application of surgery or x-rays.

The introduction of steroids to eliminate abnormal healing comes back to the second half of the 20th century, when a close relationship was detected between this and the decrease of the dermis and granulation tissue. Dr. Iglesias tells us that the excessive application of this medication can lead to atrophy or even ulceration in the patient's tissue. Why is so important to that person performing the treatment of injections of Kenalog are specialists in the subject, mostly surgeons plastic, as it occurs in our clinic, which covers much of the cosmetic needs of Miami and South Florida.