The benefits of liposculpture procedure

The benefits of liposculpture procedure  

All women want to have a perfect body. Cosmetic surgery has specialized in fulfilling our desires. From tweaks to improve the appearance of our face, to make us lose weight in a simple surgery, the margin of the "impossible" has become smaller. From My Cosmetic Surgery we comment today about one of these "miraculous" procedures: liposculpture.

This surgery aims at sculpting a human body and gives it an attractive and stylized form. Contrary to what many people think, this is not a procedure to lose weight. It is designed to act on those pockets of fat that have not been eliminated and then modeling your body contour permanently.

Liposculpture procedure 

The procedure is simple; it consists of using a cannula that is inserted through the skin by making a small incision located in the treated area. This cannula eliminates the fat between the skin and muscle. The recovery time is fairly quick, and you can get back to your daily routine a week after the procedure.

This surgery is commonly confused with liposuction, because both seek the same goal and the surgical procedure is the same, but there are marked differences between them. Liposuction treats areas where large amounts of fat should be eliminated such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. On the other hand, liposculpture deals with the areas where the amount of fat to be extracted is lower, for example, in jowls, knees or ankles.

Obviously, the cannula used in liposuction is larger than the one used in liposculpture. In both cases, the intensity should be proportional to the fat to be extracted, so it will be less in the second case. Besides, in liposculpture healing is faster and the postoperative process is less painful than the one achieved in liposuction.

Liposculpture, kinds and benefits 

Broadly speaking, liposculpture can be classified into two groups: invasive and noninvasive. The invasive one requires a surgery; while the non-invasive combines a number of non-surgical treatments such as cavitation, radiofrequency, mesotherapy or laser diode, according to the need, the body and the type of fat.

Beyond the aesthetic reasons, which may be necessary for some food or even psychological disorders, liposculpture is beneficial for the whole body and health. The fact of removing fat from our body has very positive effects on health and wellness. It reduces the chances of heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and even certain cancers.