Cosmetic surgeries that require local anesthesia

Cosmetic surgeries that require local anesthesia 

Most of the cosmetics procedures go to the local anesthesia. Many patients with the fear of being subjected to general anesthesia, arrive to ask personally the first option to use local anesthesia in surgical procedures. Of course, this always depends on the orientation and the follow-up to the anesthesiologist, who is responsible to determine this.

At My Cosmetic Surgery

In My Cosmetic Surgery we attend to a wide variety of patients not only from Miami, also for all of Florida and many other states of the country, where they have reached the voices of our good services. And each one of these patient has enjoyed special attention by our Dr. Andrés Vázquez, specialist in anesthesiology, who each day is in the operating room with patients who undergo multiple procedures.

Local Anesthesia 

"We have patients who prefer local anesthesia, for example, in liposuction of four or six areas, a procedure which is not so aggressive. But not all patients are good candidates for this type of anesthesia," he says. This is said by health conditions that prevent this? Particularly because of the Psychologist condition of the patient. There are many cases of patients who cannot tolerate the local anesthesia. There are some who arrive at the hall of operation, they go to bed and when begins the surgery, they get nervous for many reasons, sound, light, etc.... Simply become victims of anxiety and we need to suspend the surgery. Therefore in surgeries that has to much manipulation, we recommend that the patient is motivated by the general anesthesia if we see that is not prepared for the local anesthesia. Has had cases of patients "brave" that have been made cosmetic surgeries with local anesthesia? Of course yes! Even I remember a woman who was interested in a breast lift that almost always do with general anesthesia, and wanted to performed with local. The patient did the surgery and well-tolerated the handling and the procedure was a success. Another method that is being used is, the local anesthesia with sedation .... In some cases, we use it. But if you ask me, I prefer general anesthesia. With the general anesthesia  we use the mechanical breathing that helps take better control of the Respiratory Failure. However, with the local anesthesia and sedation the patient must be in constant monitoring by us. Many other minor procedures, which may range from a reduction in the size of the ears-otoplasty-until the blepharoplasty - rejuvenation of the eyelids - tend as a fundamental recommendation of local anesthesia. This avoids the pain in the area injected and avoids the side effects of general anesthesia when this is not required.