Mastopexy Vanity in a few words

Mastopexy Vanity

Conversing with a friend who was planning to have cosmetic surgery understood the real value it has on each of us self-perception and self-esteem. My friend, who has just given birth to a beautiful girl, is planning a surgery to rebuild her breasts, which were say, affected by pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. This type of surgical procedure, known as mastopexy vanity, can give back to my friend (his words) the youth of her breasts. That is, according to my friend, the main motivation for his mastopexy vanity.

Mastopexy Vanity results 

This made me think about the matter and, a priori, it seemed insufficient motivation. Thinking about it now, and soon after the Mastopexia vanity already done my friend, I see the issue from another perspective. Many women, either over the years (as they say, do not forgive), by birth or breastfeeding or natural changes, they experience changes in their breasts that make them feel uncomfortable with their body. Breast are also essential elements in the self-perception of femininity. Therefore, we heard many times that "feel comfortable with the body helps self-esteem." The phrase sounds trite spread, yes, but not for its constant use longer true. Today I saw my friend and is happy. It may seem silly but it's true. Confess, among cafes and laughter, that feels nice and comfortable from rising until lying down and the bathroom mirror is no longer the enemy when returns its image. In the United States, according to the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, there are many women who undergo mastopexy after giving birth to improve the appearance of their breasts. And because? 

Mastopexy Vanity, the point 

The answer, I fear, is the same as my friend gave me some time ago: vanity. The point is that we have been led to believe that vanity is wrong, wrong, something that should feel shame. For vanity, healthy, that drives you to want to look good, to feel accepted and beautiful and desired, there is nothing wrong. We are told that it is wrong to be conceited and live in times where the image prevails. Social pressure is amazing and even more so for women, who should look good, but not conceited. They should have babies, be great after childbirth but not conceited. Anyway, my friend is happy and Mastopexia, with all its strange name, you have returned the feeling of power and beauty that was lost. If you do not know what I mean when I talk about this breast reconstruction surgery, I tell you that this is a method for treating chest fallen. It is a surgical procedure to restore to women, like my friend, shape, volume and the desired height to your breasts. It is a technique that can be performed with or without implants, making an areola or under the breast incision. You can reposition the breast, the nipple; You can remove excess skin and fat, finally, reconstruct breasts in full. It is for this reason that, when a mutual acquaintance asked me why my friend has made Mastopexia, I answer: because he can, because he wants to, and vanity.