Micropigmentation or Makeup Forever

Micropigmentation or Makeup Forever 

Micropigmentation to look a beauty or eternal freshness is one of the techniques most used today, especially if you are one of those women who loves being always beautiful and made up. As we all know the makeup is the best ally of women. It can correct imperfections and making them beautiful, but it is only a temporary solution, it only lasts a few hours and you have to tweak it from time to time.  

The use of micro-pigmentation for permanent make-up in cosmetics is very popular nowadays because this technique allows to delineate the eyes, highlight eyebrows and lips, make cheeks blush and even create the effect of eyelid in the shade. For those who wear contact lenses or have eye disease such as cataracts, this makeup is an excellent alternative because they cannot use the traditional one.    

What is micropigmentation?  

The semi-permanent makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation, is a kind of temporary tattoo that allows you to have long-lasting makeup on your eyes, eyebrows and lips. The procedure consists of placing small pigment particles under the skin surface as a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for many years and eventually it will decompose itself. However, the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type. 

Micropigmentation techniques have been recently refined and they have been developed a wider selection of colors for technicians to create a more natural experience. Only a specialist on semi-permanent makeup can perform this treatment because it requires a specific training. 

Who may be candidates for micropigmentation?

Any person can decide to undergo a micro-pigmentation procedure for many different reasons. For example, some of them just want to look good every time, others really need to get this for medical reasons. 

The common candidates are people with allergies to conventional makeup, people who do not have time to makeup daily, those who wish to correct asymmetrical facial features, people with physical difficulties, or patients that want to recreate the areola surrounding the nipple and disguise vitiligo depigmentation or post-surgical scars.

Micropigmentation: the correct solution for your face

Eyebrows: You can swell them, refine, shorten, lengthen, shade, and imitate hair by hair even with a three-dimensional effect. The detail of each stroke of simulated hair can achieve a much more natural than traditional cosmetic effect.  

Lips: You can correct edges with irregularities, asymmetries, cracks, and you can highlight the lost color. Besides, it also eliminates the problem of lipstick bleeding outside the lip line.

Eyelids: micro-pigmentation in the line of the eye may result in a fine or intense lash enhancement, while the color is placed between the eyelashes and can be chosen according to your preference.