Application of peeling in Miami

Application of peeling in Miami

Peeling is an important procedure in Miami. In My Cosmetic Surgery we give the opportunity to our patients to choose a series of treatments for facial rejuvenation. Of course, every one of them has specific functions, which will be described by our specialists in plastic surgery for the person to have total satisfaction of the hospitality we received and the results obtained in your recovery.
The peeling is one of the techniques that have more acceptance, since, as its name indicates, its essence is the deep exfoliation procedure to renew the layers of the skin, thus eliminating their deterioration and discoloration appears a couple.
In this way the wrinkles, furrows, crow's feet, skin spots and marks of the juvenile acne, can be eliminated with this procedure. Many people flock to treatments such as the cosmetic creams that do not eradicate in a general way the problems mentioned.

Peeling: facial rejuvenation

Chemical Peeling enters then run as a good method to exfoliate the skin, that makes the skin cells regenerate quickly and that the internal layers arise without the degradation of the former.
This product is based on multiple substances as the acid salicirico, acelaico, cogico, the trichloroacetic acid, benzoyl peroxide, among others. These chemicals come into operation after that the face is exfoliated and it is very important that the session should be carried out by professionals in the cosmetic surgery, which are trained to determine the levels of reaction in the delicate skin of the face, as well as the penetration indicated for the treatment goals.

Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse: other facial products

The peeling can be applied anywhere on the skin, although the face is always where most applies. It is typical that the person see the reddened skin by a time of about four days and then begin to notice the desired results.
This implies that some may prefer to pass a recovery in the house to avoid social contacts that have an impact psychologically in the change. Sun exposure should be avoided, as well as the handling forced of the skin. If it can be used make-up, but on all of the type hypoallergenic, and almost always our doctors guide creams for protection.

The best cosmetic surgery

It is characterized by being a good procedure quick and painless - local anesthesia is used - and is not appropriate to perform months after a facial surgery, because they can offset the effects.
A distance of a week will be indicated to separate each meeting, although always depends on the valuation of our medical doctors from the observation of the patient's skin. In cases such as the acne, is needed about six session, the spots between seven and ten and in the wrinkles around five session combined with other treatments such as facial fillers.