The Fashion of the Plastic Surgeries in the World

The fashion of the plastic surgeries in the world 

Are indescribable the advantages of plastic surgeries. Therefore this type of operation is one of the most practiced in the world, as studies show that picks up the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery[i]. Asia and America are the continents that more practice this procedure, although some European nations stand out in the first place.

Plastic Surgeries

 In the list of interventions are the cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical and between the two, in 2013, there were about 23 million. Although it may appear surprising, Brazil is the most aesthetic surgical procedures performed worldwide, with nearly a million and a half of operations a year. According to the information in the study, the figures exceed in some 40 thousand to the United States. However, the United States ahead of other countries with its more than 2 million and a half of non-surgical procedures, taking as nearest competitor to Brazil, with approximately 600 thousand 500 treatments.

Around the world 

Mexico, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Italy, Venezuela, Argentina and Iran occupy in that order the remaining places in the list of the top ten. As to the procedures of the face, Brazil is also the first place, with about 380 thousand a year, while the United States ranks second with around 312 thousand. However, in aesthetic surgeries for the breasts is North America which leads with 517 thousand and relegates it to second place at the Rio de Janeiro country, which accumulates approximately 515 thousand a year. Brazil leads also in what are the techniques in the limbs and in the total body with 499 thousand, while USA practice approximately 442 thousand. United States met in 2013 about slow 6133 plastic surgeons, while Brazil had about 5473.
In the cosmetic surgeries, the breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery and the lipo structure are those that exceed in that order the million transactions a year, while the Botox, with its more than 5 million, and the fillers, with its more than 3 million, are the non-surgical procedures more welcome. Women practiced by almost ten million plastic operations a year, while the men do only a million and a half. In the non-surgical the ladies are subject to some 20 million, while the men do about $3 million.
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