Plastic Surgery On Forehead

Plastic Surgery On Forehead

Disproportions or facial alterations are possibly more aesthetic issues that relate to self-esteem. Other body parts can dress up or covered, but the face is always available to the world. Who has not suffered in childhood or adolescence ridicule from their peers? Who has not seen at least this kind of mockery? Behaviors like these can damage the self-esteem of people long-term way because it is important that our face (especially) is our calling card to the world and everyone, everyone, need to feel beautiful and accepted even a little. One of the biggest complexes in this regard, especially among women, is the wide forehead. There are many cases broad front that eventually result in plastic surgery on forehead looking for an aesthetic improvement.

Plastic surgery on forhead, techniques 

Plastic surgery on forehead can be performed by various techniques depending on the characteristics of each patient. Although methods can be several, all respond to the same interest: to provide harmony to the facial features. The face can be divided into three imaginary parts (upper, middle and lower) and these parties must be proportionate to each other. A broad forehead is quite visible and unflattering aesthetic problem. In women, the broad forehead usually gives a tomboy, tough and even aging appearance. I mean especially women, because men, with the issue of baldness, has naturalized more the idea of the "inputs" losing notoriety.

 Plastic surgery on forehead varies depending on the cause. Excessive amplitude of the front may be due to natural causes (genetic) or acquired as a result of an accident, a burn, hair loss, etc. Plastic surgery of the face or forehead lift, then change the method to one cause or another. The most common frontoplasty reduction is being performed in young patients, broad forehead naturally, they have no problems with hair loss. The most common procedure consists in decreasing the hairline and removal of excess skin. In other words, the surgeon, first, divides the face into imaginary thirds mentioned earlier, and establishes what is the length of excess skin. You can usually anticipate the hairline up to three centimeters. Second, depending on the elasticity of the skin of each patient, the surgeon pulls the forehead skin to remove excess and advances the line where the hair begins. The incision in this procedure follows the hairline so that the resulting scar will be barely noticeable to be between the hair that grows back. Precisely plastic surgery of the forehead has increasingly developed techniques kindest patient welfare. The most widely used technique today is the microsuture with the use of bone anchors. This method allows lighten the skin tension to promote hair growth without sacrificing the security of a suture well done. This is a procedure that offers impressive results, visible from the early days. This is one of facial surgeries that most radically change the face and its proportions.

plastic surgery on forehead, after care

Moreover, it is a relatively simple process (as long as you do a professional) that does not cause usually no postoperative complication. Normally, the medical team recommends patients not taking aspirin or derivatives (anticoagulants) and not exposed to direct sunlight. It is important to wear sunscreen, makeup and avoid having to reach a painkiller for the first days. Inflammation and discomfort in the area are completely normal, but will remitting once you heal the area. Plastic surgery of the forehead is a bit complicated procedure that gets optimum results. Patients who have undergone this surgery are amazed to see the new proportions of his face, in harmony. If you are considering a reduction frontoplasty or want more information, visit My Cosmetic Surgery, where they do care about your health and beauty.