Rhinoplasty by Dr Jeffrey La Grasso

Rhinoplasty by Dr. M.D.

The profile of a person's face is defined by the shape and projection of the nose. This body is not only important for its function, but is the center of the face, is an aesthetic and ethnic prime element. Therefore, rhinoplasty by Dr. M.D. is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries in our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery Miami.

This surgical procedure is designed to change the shape or size of the nose and is done both for aesthetic reasons and for functional reasons. Men and women of varying ages come to our center with the intention of obtaining a nose that find it functional, attractive and in harmony with the other facial features.

Rhinoplasty by Dr. M.D. procedure

The interests of patients seeking rhinoplasty by Dr. M.D., are diverse. Some want to change the size, shape, width, profile, back height, projection and definition of the tip, the size of the holes, and also to correct deviations from septum, among others. Others come for correction of septal deviation, turbinate surgery and trauma nasal reconstruction.

It is a relatively simple procedure usually performed under local anesthesia. The only requirement is that the patient needs to be 13 or older.

The technique employed by Dr. M.D., depends largely on each case. Each patient is unique so that the attention is personalized. Generally, there are two types of procedures: one, the open, where the scars are inside the nostrils; the other, the closed procedure, which is accessed to the nasal structure through an incision at the base of the nose.

Rhinoplasty by Dr. M.D. recovery

After surgery you have to follow all medical recommendations. The patient should not smoke until fifteen days after the surgery. After the intervention, it is usually placed a plastic splint or bandage to protect the nasal structure in the new position. This dressing is usually removed after 7 days. The patient can return to his or her daily routine within 10 days of surgery. It is recommended to follow every medical recommendation.

Rhinoplasty by Dr. M.D. is a procedure with high success rate and patient satisfaction. And this cosmetic surgeon is known in his field not only for his exceptional surgical skills and experience, but also for his interest on the welfare of his patients. He is always seeking natural, harmonious and aesthetic results.