Saggy Breasts Lift

Saggy breasts lift

The saggy breasts lift is a very common technique performed for correcting women’s breasts. Experts say that the main cause of saggy breasts is the natural aging process of women, although there are other elements that make them sag. The medical term for this condition is "ptosis" of the breast and its causes are not well understood or defined. Specialists are still evaluating the seriousness of this situation according to nipple’s position in relation to the inframammary groove, which is the lowest breast point. There are several factors that influence on the development and degree of saggy breasts. One of the key factors is to smoke cigarettes. In our skin, there is a protein called elastin which is responsible for elasticity, so smoking decomposes this protein and decreases skin elasticity. At the same time, it makes the saggy breasts lift more problematic.

Saggy breasts lift because of the aging process

When women are 30 years old they begin to lose fatty tissue which results in a reduction in size and fullness. One of the first symptoms of connective sagging in a woman breasts is a noticeable change in the areola towards the bottom of the breast. Ligaments and connective tissues in female breasts shape them and require estrogen to keep them elastic. When a woman gets old, the amount of estrogen decreases which has a negative effect on skin elasticity because breasts tend to sag.

Saggy breasts lift in “My Cosmetic”

The breast lift is a surgery in which the breast tissue, especially the nipple, is modified. The objective is that it stays in the upper chest of women. This procedure is also known as mastopexy. A breast lift can be performed as a separate procedure or while performing other breast surgeries. In this type of operation it is common to augment or decrease the breast size at the same time. The reduction of breast tissue is a saggy breast lift that includes the removal of that tissue. Another procedure is the breast lift with breast augmentation. My Cosmetic Surgery waits for you. For any questions you can call our specialists. Our phone number is (305) 264-9636 and sing it to remember!The results of saggy breast lift are excellent.