Sea Salt Against Varicose Veins in Miami

Sea Salt Against Varicose Veins in Miami

Sea salt against varicose veins is one of the methods that we could put into action after completing treatment with injections. Specialists from My Cosmetic Surgery recommend it to remove “spider veins” or varicose veins that bother mainly women. Injections contain a percentage of saline injection that allows removing them, but to make this treatment more effective we recommend this procedure using sea salt.

This treatment based on sea salt against varicose veins can be followed twice a week. What we do is to prepare a detoxifying bath where, in addition, we will benefit from other elements as essential oils and magnesium sulfate, ideal to open the pores of the skin, detoxify and provide adequate nutrients to support the balance of our tissues.

Sea sand and sea salt are two natural exfoliating products that are recommended for treating cellulitis. An excellent practice to alleviate this problem is simply to go regularly to the beach or the rocks, sit on the sand and do soft massages on the area with sand and salt water.

How to prepare sea salt against varicose veins?

You can prepare this bath once or twice a week. You will have to find a free time of at least half an hour, so you can relax and take advantage of these natural elements. You can include in this bath all natural oils you want. We recommend cypress oil. This is a very effective natural anti-inflammatory that will help to reduce these fat nodules that cause cellulite. This oil can be found in stores of special products or specialized perfumeries.All ingredients should be mixed in a bow: salt, bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and essential oils by stirring them well with a wooden spoon. You do not have to add water.

Sea salt against varicose veins in your bathroom:

The second step is simple, we must add this preparation in the tub or shower, which you have previously filled with hot water. Then, with the other half and a sponge you should do a massage on your thighs or on the area affected by cellulitis. This massage must be energetic to reactivate blood circulation and to ensure that all elements penetrate our skin. Once we finish this massage we can immerse ourselves in the tub for at least 35 minutes. Then we can dry normally. If we perform this procedure every week after injections, sea salt against varicose veins will undoubtedly be well effective.