Selfies and Plastic Surgeries are Here to Stay

Selfies and Plastic Surgeries

The so famous selfies and plastic surgeries are here to stay, they complement each other. From My Cosmetic Surgery we approach one of the global trends that impact in many ways dissimilar people's lives almost without knowing it: selfies and plastic surgeries.

The exhibition and the cult itself is something so ancient that has been transformed over the centuries by different cultures. Its perception has changed to the extent that new social structures were created and the free media evolved. Unknowingly, though undoubtedly influenced by them, the aesthetic beauty and the need to restore youth or feminine traits reach high degrees of narcissism.

Selfies and plastic surgeries:

These are nothing new for us, we're just in front of technologized resources that make our personal expression something constant, public and sometimes as shallow as complex. If we review the myth of Narcissus we can see that it is built on the rejection, megalomania and revenge. There, where death, against the obsession of beauty, is imminent and where botany serves as a cornerstone to seal the culmination of myth and leave a symbol that transcends us.

Some researchers argue that the selfies now directly influence on those who want to get plastic surgery by the imperative need to be stylish, although anyone can get a selfie without being in any special psychological category.

Other researchers argue, however, being in front of a paradox because we have more means and simultaneously we feel more alone close to other people. This does not mean that people, who tend to do selfies and then post them on social networks, are necessarily narcissistic. The selfies and plastic surgeries seem rather fill a void personal recognition that we don’t have in front of the others.

The selfies and plastic surgeries: selling sexuality

A study by the Dutch researcher Christyntjes Van Gallager of Wageningen University found that selfies are a cry for help people express because a sexual abandon.

The research evaluated the photos and compared them with the reality of the protagonists and noted that many use this tendency to hide their insecurity and sexual absence. Selfie addicts evaluate their level of well-being through the image they create for themselves. Many people use these cosmetic procedures to reach their perfect beauty patterns.

Today, technology stands in the construction of the collective imagination providing tools that have allowed exploring for better or worse, the behavior and the human body through the body and personal aesthetics.