Surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery

Surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery

Maybe many of the patients who come each day to My Cosmetic Surgery with the desire to have a better figure doing plastic surgery are unaware of the large number of people who work with the objective that this dream is reached with happiness. The surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery are that kind of professionals that go unnoticed to the eyes of the patient, and owever they are the right hand of the surgeon and one of the pillars of the aesthetic results. 

Their continuous sacrifice in long hours in the operating room and dedication to every specificity of cosmetic surgery are worthy of praise.Therefore in our clinic is recognized the important work of surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery and we give them a voice of their own to their players. 

Our team of surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery

Given the difficulty of talking with all our surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery at the same time, since each distributed his busy schedule in multiple operations, met with two of them, who extended his voice for the rest of his companions. They are Yoelvis and Rachel, two professionals with years of experience, that in the majority of occasions accompany MD Jeffrey LA Grasso. 

We talk about the high level of knowledge that Dr. Lagrasso has as with other surgeons that they enrich our team as best plastic surgery clinic in Miami and all of South Florida: "our job is to assist the doctor LA Grasso and other surgeons in you may require during the surgical process. From these guidelines can make the homeostasis (control of bleeding), the suture, accommodate the instrumental, etc. ", says Yoelvis, young plastic surgeon in their country of origin and in United States holds the degree of Surgical Assistant a few years ago. 

Rachel, on the other hand, was internist and practiced as a Surgical Assistant in North America: "exercise various features of plastic surgery. I specifically work more in the liposuction before, during and after the procedure. Everything the doctor request must be prepared by me, from having the instrument to infiltrate the vaser. Our preparation makes it possible to be active participants in operations", he said.

Long hours... 

On the same day, surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery participate in multiple surgeries, and some are several hours... how much physical effort required this profession? we asked them. "The way to work every day is pretty fast." Sometimes it is concluding an operation and is already preparing another. Really there is little time for the body decay", says Yoelvis. 

Raquel follows the same line and adds that "there may be a procedure of breast lift in conjunction with a Brazilian butt lift - up to four hours may take - and in another room is waiting for us a tummy tuck". 

The American Board of surgical assistant (ABSA), founded in 1987, brings together thousands of professionals in this field of medicine in the United States. In our clinic there are many surgical assistant in cosmetic surgery with a high training.