The Most Unusual Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

The Most Unusual Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Trends in cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving. Every day, new scientific advances to expand or improve the technical possibilities, or unexpected trends in facial and body operations ranging farther and farther searching for perfection and beauty. Facts that we only see in movies and science fiction books can be possible at the speed of light. My Cosmetic Surgery shows you a list of the most unusual procedures that revolutionize the operating rooms nowadays. 


Smile lifting trends in cosmetic surgery

As the years pass, our skin loses the ability to withstand the consequences of the law of gravity, because we no longer produce collagen and elastin as before. Breasts, oval face and chin, tend to sag. This also affects the corners of the mouth, where there are descendent lines that give a tired look to the face.

In order to reverse this effect, a new surgical technique, that eliminates some small triangles of skin around the mouth and stretch the area, was developed. The result is a kind of permanent smile that gives the face a youthful and cheerful appearance.

Cheekbones Lipectomy

If you are one of those people who have a round face and want to tune it, this is your golden opportunity. Cheekbones lipectomy is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves removing fat that tends to accumulate in excess in Bichat bags. This is the area just below the cheekbones that is responsible for protecting the duct where saliva goes into the mouth.

This is an outpatient surgery and it lasts an hour. It can be performed under local anesthesia or local sedation. The scars are not noticeable because they are on the inside of the mouth and the result is permanent.

Eyebrow transplant   

Do you like bushy eyebrows and yours do not reach the desired density? With this procedure you can get the look you want and at the same time follow the actual trend with the graft of eyebrows.

This cosmetic procedure works like a normal hair transplant. The technique consists of removing hair from the back of your scalp and inserts it into the eyebrow area to give the width you want. It is very simple and the results are immediate.   

Umbilicoplasty or navel trends in cosmetic surgery   

The latest trends in cosmetic surgery is a surgery that can shape the shape of your navel. It may seem incredible or insignificant but there are people who feel complexes of wearing bikini or two-piece outfits for this reason. Now, with the magic of scalpel and thanks to a new technique you can give your navel the shape you want. You choose!


Thigh Gap 

Thigh Gap are two separated words that we hear a lot these days when you talk about aesthetic operations, specially the surreal ones. The English term refers to the space or gap between the legs and genital area. It has become an obsession for many women around the world.

Lately, many women have approached beauty centers to remove fat from the inner thigh area, and thus achieving that separation artificially. In addition, it has also become popular workouts and diets whose only purpose is getting the famous thigh gap.

Internal bra

What if we told you that now you no longer have to wear a bra on the outside and you can wear it inside? This is another of the latest trends in plastic surgery: implanting two pieces that cling to the ribs and a strip of silicone make your chest defy gravity without a bra.

Another variant is this breast surgery with a kind of internal mesh lifting the chest and ends with any hint of flab.