Vaser smooth1 against cellulite

Vaser Smooth1 Against Cellulite 

Vaser smooth1 against cellulite: There are many ways of dealing with cellulite. This annoying condition, distinguished by pretend a spongy skin and little holes in areas such as the thighs, hips and buttocks, is more frequent in women than in men (about 85 percent of females suffer in one way or another when they are adults). The M. D Jeffrey LaGarasso, one of our most experienced plastic surgeons in My Cosmetic Surgery and throughout Miami, argues that there is a reason why the surgical procedures do not deal with cellulite. Is that cellulite are fibrous bands that mark the bottom of the skin and exterior protection components cause arising holes.

Vaser Smooth1

Previously it was used in cosmetic surgeries the endermology , among other techniques, that were not achieving the desired results,since it came to the surface of the skin to stretch the bands . Nor is it a solution lose fat,because the problem of cellulite is not this in itself . Therefore,nor does it work the liposuction . Clarifies the doctor LaGrasso that the ideal is the application of laser ( Cellulaze ) or ultrasound (Vaser smooth1 ) to treat the bands of tissue within the skin.

There are few surgeons still trained for the implementation of these , as they are both two technologies quite novel. In our clinic we are pleased to count on the knowledge by this doctor , who advances not only in this , but in many other cosmetic treatments, in the tip of the technological advances.

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In the specific case of Vaser smooth1 , which is more new and preferred by LaGrasso , is characterized by cut the fibrous bands and by reorganizing to fill areas that lack of volume. In the same manner, the surgeon may enter the patient's own fat cells or where mothers were damaged the bands of fiber. Argue the studies on the subject that the advantage of Vaser smooth1 on cellulaze is the length of the time , which is less than half - for about an hour in the first, and three in the second procedure- , as well as heal more quickly and with fewer brands.
What is certain is that both treatments are minimally invasive ,with the patient comes to feel a general satisfaction . Both use a very small device with a stylus that is introduced into the skin and acts on the bands of tissue. The ultrasound energy liquefies the fat giving softness to the surrounding areas. Unlike the laser , that destroys fat cells by the high temperatures , ultrasound enables replenish this grease to fill holes. In addition , the doctor LaGrasso you can use the fat derived a liposuction passes these same functions.
Our plastic surgeon ends by saying that these transplants of fat have many advantages,within them that have factors of growth essential to the healing and regeneration of the skin. The recovery of the patient is normal , although indicates that rest after about two days of treatment to enable drainage .In addition, it is recommended the use of a compression Gaza.