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Is already used worldwide a buttocks liffting technique known as the brazilian butt lift. This type of aesthetic surgery has the advantage of giving the patient the opportunity to enjoy two procedures at a single operation: on the one hand the enlarged itself, and by the other that of a liposuction. The areas of the hips, thighs, and abdomen are indicated to remove the excess fat and transfer it to where the body needs it the most.

A little background about Brazilian Butt Lift

It turns out that the aesthetics of the woman is almost always directed to some perfect buttocks and by them having a flat shape or the lack of volume comes the fear of not wearing bikinis on the beach. With scars hidden to the naked eye, the advantage of being a non-invasive surgery and to not add in your body foreign substances makes this an excellent option. Obviously, it all dependes on the patients physical possibility: in the case of counting with little fat, something established as suitable by the static and the health. This will have fewer options for an enlarged with the technique of Brazilian origin. But it is unhealthy to go to the buttock implants, technical very invasive, prohibited in multiple locations, with a negative history possibility.

On the other hand, the experts who are opposed to any type of¬†cosmetic surgery¬†in the body explain growth forms of the buttocks from the physical exercise. But there are no doubts the people “disadvantaged”, especially women will never be fully satisfied with their rear, since they do not have much to grow with the action of the body. This, of course, can be achieved with the Brazilian butt lift, with which you can kill “two birds with one stone”. The first step in this surgery is the lipo, through the introduction of the cannula that removes the excess fat in the area selected.

This joins the second step that allows the transfer of the fat collected and purified toward the buttocks. Using microinjections, surgeons contour the buttocks always seeking perfection. The recovery is not difficult, as prescriptions are use tight-fitting clothing that contains the buttocks and decrease the inflammation, as well as avoid sitting for about two weeks. Physical activities, such as the work may be made from equal period, always clear, with proper authorization from the doctor.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery testimonials

Aura Espinoza, who had a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery with successfully results says: “the belly looks good and flat and my buttocks took a form that perfected my body,”. This type of procedure is an accelerated growth in the United States, and in Florida, where the summer dress of directed generally to show the wonders of the body, has taken even more strength.

Is My Cosmetic Surgery, clinical leader in the south of the state, which is distinguished by a high attention to the clients from various parts of the country in the enlarged buttocks Brazilian style.It is highly advisable to go to clinics of this level, which are inserted with the best precious in the market, and with higher percentages of success in operations.

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