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Botox injections for wrinkles in the popular slang is the most recognized of the functions you can perform botulinum toxin. From My Cosmetic Surgery we approach the knowledge of the benefits that our body beyond removing wrinkles and scope of aesthetic perfection.

Applications of Botox Injections

Currently applications of this substance are various, being its most widely used treatment of wrinkles created by the contraction of the muscles of expression, perpendicular to the direction of this contraction. Botox injections paralyze facial muscles, which prevents movement of the skin over them thus eliminating fine lines and preventing their formation. Is usually applied mainly on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes and mouth, correcting thus temporarily without risk, hard or angry look produced by a sharp frown or expression of sadness that it occurs when side corners of the mouth sink, or eyebrows begin to sag. The fact that Botox is a temporary treatment – duration of four to six months – also means that it is a useful alternative to surgery because the effects are reversible if the muscle is badly treated. This unique ability to isolate and loosen muscles which makes it so useful in treating a variety of medical problems.


Botox can help control some symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Often patients suffering from these conditions often have uncontrollable movements, muscle spasms or experience that restrict their movements.

Back pain

Research shows that a jab of Botox could provide relief for about half of all patients with lower back problems.


They have discovered that a Botox injections directly into the bladder wall may improve symptoms of bladder weakness in those over 50. A single vaccine can reduce incontinence up to 24 weeks.

Excessive sweating

People who perspire excessively, can find help in botox injected into areas such as the armpits or palms of hands and feet, paralyzing the activity of the sweat glands, thus cutting the appearance of sweat.

Prostate problems

The use of Botox to treat noncancerous prostate, ie problems caused by enlargement of the prostate gland being studied. Scientists have found that only a prick Botox into the prostate eased symptoms and improved quality of life for three out of four men.

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