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Facial paraffin treatment in Miami

The facial with paraffin is one of the oldest and most widely used in cosmetic surgery. Filled The power of this is one of its core values ​to achieve a more healthy and beautiful skin. In addition, the wax becomes reducing agent and as pain reliever, so its use is extended to other parts of the body that can benefit from physical therapy.

Paraffin is highly recommended for dry skin, since these returns to the natural hydration. This is because increasing blood flow and therefore the rise of moisture occurs from the deep layers of the skin to external. This moisture evaporates, since the effect of the paraffin prevented. So the positive effect reactivate skin brightness and delicacy required to look young and sprightly is achieved.

Paraffin treatment for the natural hydration

Something very positive of this technique is its ease. Many people who become active patients with paraffin as the results can be seen from the outset. The first thing to do is to heat and melt, which can make the person at home, but in my Cosmetic Surgery always advise the patient to go to beauty salons or spas, which have all conditions for which treatment is the ideal for every skin type.

However, if the person you decide to do so at home, the melting process is done with bath, which allow the wax is melted but its temperature does not affect the sensitivity of facial skin.

Facial treatment with paraffin

In cosmetic clinics paraffin which is composed of vegetable oils it is very positive, also derived from coal or petroleum and this merged with masks of collagen and elastic that help eliminate skin folds and wrinkles used as give more flexibility. We recommend a course of six sessions to achieve full results of facial rejuvenation, but since the first session the patient may notice radical changes in his image.

Cosmetology specialists usually start treatment with a scrub, then apply the mask, and then the wax, which will be supplied on a gossamer-that helps to easy removal and finally covered with a towel for about twenty minutes the heat is maintained. At this time it is recommended that the patient is well calm and avoid facial movements, thereby achieving the right effect.

Lately it has also seen an increase in the use of cold lugares, with the same benefits as hot. The treatment involves the product penetrate the skin through massage and skin is covered with osmotic paper.

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