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Facial refilling: the human being is dissatisfied by nature. We are never satisfied with our existence. And in matters of aesthetics of our body, still more .There are always little things worthy of filing or large imperfections in urgent need of a “adjustment” ,by what lately is very common to go to the benefits of plastic surgery in areas to achieve the perfect balance in our image.

Facial Refilling

This clear, you are not exempt from the courage and momentum to launch embarking on a surgical adventure, which is very well implemented with the expertise of our surgeons and specialists in cosmetic, who help to convert to My Cosmetic Surgery in the house of all men and women in Miami and in the United States who want to improve aesthetically.
With the face is something very peculiar : it is a perfect description of the person and is loaded with symbolism by reflecting our states of mind and to give away to the first impressions. Combined with the fact that it is the summation of many “few” ,or, when a party becomes unbalanced ,because it destabilizes the entire image.and this is very common in cases of aging or genetic issues where the nose,ears,the cheekbones,the lips ,the chin or the smooth skin must be wedded closely or but, begin the asymmetries.

Faced with these situations, the person can achieve a more youthful face and balanced with the facial implants.These are no more than a small surgery to implant different materials under the subcutaneous tissue with the objective of changing features of the face. In our case we have several of these fillers such as Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane , the Dysport , and others such as platelet-rich plasma . Each one of them will be supplied in the parts of your face according to the suggestions of our aesthetic medical

Our Doctor

From the view of our M. D Rogelio Iglesias in most of the cases in which performs a cosmetic treatment with these fillers in the face,” must be done in a progressive way, since a very beginning hypercorrection results could bring counterproductive to the goals of surgery and with the desires of the patient . They are necessary for several sessions.
These materials are biofuels ,or that, are well assimilated by the body . It is recommended to do the fillers in the parties that have lost their projection as the cheekbones or chin, or correct the curves of the undue nose .With the cheekbones ,for example,we use the radiesse, which enables quick results in the image of this important part of the face . Already with these bumps recovered is convenient to pass to cover the furrows and wrinkles with products such as Botox and other

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