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Genital bleaching, trending in Miami

It was the star Paris Hilton one of the first public voices that brought up the issue of genital bleaching in the media. The world learned that their genital areas and its rear had enjoyed a bleaching treatment, and little by little the trend was developed throughout the universe of the show, up to a normal thing in the population.Is that by the high temperatures in the anal area and by the same menstrual bleeding, this part of the body is taking a blackish color, an issue that many take as lack of aesthetics. This is a procedure that has been also merged with aspects of vaginal rejuvenation as the labiaplasty, vaginoplasty or remodeling of the pubis.

Some tips about genital bleaching

There are other important creams such as the bleach anal Pink distinguished and Biofade, both single use and with similar results to the Caspah. Studies show that with these creams and other treatments with the discoloration is not final, as with the passage of time the symptoms of aging will determine new darkening.There are recommendations to prevent these parties “intimate” to blacken . Among them are avoiding exposure to the sun – the trend of nudism in the beaches does not help much in this regard, it is best to use sunscreen-, do not use blumeres that rubs and use wet wipes in the area before the menstruation, since it leaves traces of ironThese are, without doubt, easy tips to follow.

Genital bleaching, techniques

But once color starts to appear,enters in function this technique, which is also known as anal bleanching and which can serve for both men and women. Hydroquinone Creams wrapper, the laser bleaching, the mixture of salicylic acid (allows the bleaching) and the glycolic acid (enables the penetration of the tissue and the formation of collagen) and the salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid (form on the surface of the skin a type of swelling and a rash that then will fall to make way for a shade lighter in the new skin).

One of the most commonly used bleaching creams is Caspah intimate lightening cream, which has received the support of many famous. It is distinguished by having ingredients away from the hydroquinone, mercury, parabens and perfumes that can cause irritation of the skin. It is positive, however, do not use this product in wounds or other injuries of the skin. Not only has Caspah application in the anal area, but also in the vagina, nipples, the armpits, the penis and the scrotum.

It is necessary for the patient to undergo this technical note avoid sexual activities annals in recent days to treatment as they may appear lesions that can lead to diseases and infections. In the case of the laser in specific is more prone to this, since if it is done by a unqualified staff even would arise that would prevent scars after the anal sex. Something similar would happen with the bleaching creams, which in the auto application can lead to burns.

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