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Is cataloged at this time as the preferred procedure for celebrities. It is one of the most innovative in regard to treatment of the skin in cosmetics and many and many decide to go in their goodness to improve the image of the face. It is non-invasive to the do not use needles or knives that can damage the skin, moisturizing, non-irritating, sedative, you do not need the recovery time and the results are immediate. We are talking about the hydrafacial, cutting edge technology that helps the toning and the natural rejuvenation of the skin.


This technique exploits the HydroPeel, instrument in the form of spiral with shores of peeling exfoliates in repeatedly. Without any kind of irritation or pain it removes the dirt from the skin and pores. We will also remove the dead cells and toxins and at the same time clean, gently exfoliates, hydrates and moistening, with what will appreciate rapid results of facial rejuvenation. It is also very positive this technique for the treatment of juvenile acne, so that the skin generates forms of resistance to allergies and to make it more smooth. You add the reduction of wrinkles, the closing of the pores dilated and irritated, the elimination of fat and the dark spots.

The Results

These results are achieved through the generation of collagen and elastin. Well, the trend toward the aging of the skin is delayed and therefore reduces the chances of treatments require more complicated and invasive. Something positive in the Hydrafacial is that it is applicable to any type of skin, either a fine, a more aging, a dry or oily, or any type of color.
Each session can provide results of up to one week’s duration with the skin moisturized and smooth, so it is recommended that treatment is composed of several session – around six-.  After this the most favorable is that every fifteen days is perform a session in order to maintain the results achieved. Already with this healing is achieved major problems such as hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, among others.
This treatment is one of the most used by wealthy people because in addition to produce large changes in little time, there are no prospects of some kind of suffering, although a minimum. That is why many cataloged as a brush that moves slightly to the side, which generates freshness, humidity and relaxes the mind.
Without doubt, this is a good formula for the population of Miami, city life of hasty and much glamour. In My Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, number one in plastic surgeries throughout south Florida, the beauty and aesthetics of our patients is a priority.

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