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Increase of cheeks in Miami

Increase of cheeks for the balance of the face is something so perfect and at the same time as shaky as walking by a tightrope and at any time fall to his doom. If you want to go into the details of the facial aesthetics, because there is a need to ensure each disproportion tiny that we are giving away the years, factors like the sun and stress. A simple example: nothing is done if you have some strong cheekbones that they give a youthful appearance, but with cheeks with lack of grease and freshness.

Increase of cheeks, surgical procedure

In most cases, a surgical intervention of the cheeks is associated with a plastic surgery of cheekbones. Well, the people who suffer from a weak structure of cheekbones show a face crushed and with lack of attractions. Why is linked the chin augmentation – called mentoplasty – with the implant of the cheeks -increase malar – in order to achieve the proper complement of beauty of the face. In this way, what is considered to be the face east is revived with the enhancement of its bony part and their tissues. Already in the cases of displacement and fat tissues in the face, these techniques do not solve the problem completely and need to be complemented with a face lift.


Increase of cheeks, other treatments

According to the criterion of the Dr. Rogelio Iglesias M.D. , a specialist in these issues in My Cosmetic Surgery, there are different ways to achieve the increase of cheeks, as are the fat grafts was aspirated, fills, and the implants. In the first case it is used the surplus fat from another part of the body, especially those who have more such as the hips or the abdomen, is processed and then is injected in the cheeks. This procedure has the distinction of being durable enough and not complications for the human body, to assimilate this a component itself.

Facial fillers, on the other hand, are very useful also. With these lines and furrows are removed and the skin regains its brightness and splendour. In our clinic is very used to this the Radiesse, a product that although gives temporary results – about a year ago- are quickly visible and can be repeated as many times as wanted by the patient. Others such as Juvederm and Restylane can fulfill similar function and with the same positive results.
Already in what are the implants of cheeks, have the objective of enhancing the figure of the cheekbones. On the inside of the mouth there will be a series of small incisions to allow insert silicone implants. The results are also very positive. It is the latter which more risks than the three cosmetic surgery procedures, but are actually quite rare and can be minimized with our professional expertise, recognized in Miami and throughout Florida.

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