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Also known as laser facial resurfacinglaser skin renewal is a technique that seeks to reinvigorate the surface of the skin to eliminate the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and scars. The laser allows a deep renewal epidermal as this causes the formation of collagen in the skin below. Similarly, in the case of warts and moles can be very useful.The application form is simple: the laser is applied directly in the area of the skin to treat. This energy is converted into heat, which dissolved the union of the molecular damaged cells in each of its layers.

 Laser skin renewal results

So the result is a rejuvenated skin, brighter and healthier.Generally this procedure is quite safe, although it is necessary that the patient be aware of some potential complications, such as the emergence of infections or a poor wound healing. Therefore, patients who have a tendency to scarring or exaggerated to the keloid formation, they are not recommended the use of the laser. In the case of the dark skins can be a darkening or hyperpigmentation, especially in the use of the CO2 laser. In dark skins is required an specialized laser machine for this kind of skin. Al treatments are personalized depending on the characteristics of each patient. Because of that is important to find a trustable clinic with cualified specialists.

Laser skin renewal: precautions

It is very necessary, also, that the patient tell their medical history to the plastic surgeon or dermatologist in the query. The cases of allergies, problems with the tissues or with the immune system, the adverse ingestion of drugs, smoking, among other issues, can be an extenuating factor for the implementation of the treatment.We mentioned already the CO2 laser. This is the largest use for these objectives, because that is the that generates more heat and therefore the most inside influences. Even is used to treat skin cancer in its early stages. On the other hand, the erbium lasers are less powerful than those of CO2, but are more accurate. For dark skins -poses fewer risks of permanent transformations of the skin- and for fur that only have slight wrinkles, are very useful.And finally, there is the Fraxel laser, which is very little invasive, with few side effects, but with more sessions to run. The difference between the more invasive and least lies in the recovery time: the less intense almost do not require downtime, but the most intense can reach some days without sunlight exposure, with a skin to heal and a marked redness.During the procedure it is imperative that the patient be blindfolded so that they are protected from the laser light. Local anesthesia is used and in dependence of the area to be treated may take between thirty minutes and two hours.My Cosmetic Surgery receives each day a large number of patients in Miami and throughout the United States, has consolidated its position as a clinic of plastic surgery of first level, with the most affordable prices and the best deals in the entire country.


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