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Plastic surgery has allowed us to choose how we want to look, that is, what image we want. The growing cult of the body has given us a taste for the forms provided, according to the current beauty ideal, of course. Following this, the “masitas more” ceased to be fashionable long time ago. We strive much in gyms and elaborate plans practically unrealizable balanced diet to get rid of localized fat, nightmare of all. Well, cosmetic surgery at the time, came to give us a “little help” with the liposuction procedure. Power rid of localized fat, the most difficult to treat, it was a dream come true. But today, you get fat in liposuction, unlike yesteryear, not undone, but is redistributed in other areas where patients were not very “gifted” by nature. If you do not know this possibility, I present the perfect aesthetic binomial: liposuction and fat transfer.

Liposuction and fat transfer in surgical procedures

Liposuction and fat transfer merge in various procedures, but we will talk perhaps the two most wanted: the Brazilian Butt Lift and breast augmentation without implants. These two interventions are gaining adherents for the many benefits they provide. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure also known as Brazilian butt augmentation. The surgery consists of two, we could say, phases (unsurprisingly since we talked about the union of lipo and fat transfer). The surgeon removes a first phase localized fat to the patient by the traditional method of liposuction. After removing the fat, with the help of a cannula and a suction machine, the surgeon proceeds to inject the fat into the buttocks to give them the desired shape and volume. Breast augmentation without implants is another procedure that successfully uses this union. Likewise, the procedure consists of two phases because the surgeon must first remove unwanted localized fat. Areas which generally extracted adiposity are the thighs, abdomen and hips. This first process achieves the patient to obtain a perfect, free fatty deposits figure. The second process corresponds to the injection of fat (which just removed) breast to give the desired volume and appearance. In both processes once extracted fat is optimized for patient safety. These two procedures together offer spectacular results because not only the patient gets a free statuesque figure fat but uses its own “raw material” to increase those areas where not having the desired volume.

Liposuction and fat transfer results

And, no, the aesthetic has not lost it’s mind. Many studies have been conducted on this issue and the advantages are numerous point. Uniting liposuction and fat transfer patients get the benefits of two intervention procedures. Recovery periods are becoming shorter because the body does not have to become accustomed to implants of any kind (the increases are made with the patient’s own fat) and there is a traditional wound to heal. Many experts say that the results are more natural to the eye and soft to the touch with respect to the placement of implants, although, you know what they say that “tastes, colors”. As you see, the greasers from which you get rid by liposuction no longer wasted but the cosmetic surgeon can put in areas where the patient does not have the desired volume. What do you think? Is it, or not, the perfect couple?

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