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Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries has its history. It was not the overnight specialists managed to refine current techniques of aesthetic beauty. But before we get to the story that concerns us, let us know which is itself, liposuction. To do this we approach the knowledge of My Cosmetic Surgery doctors who provide us their experiences. Liposuction is not more than a sanitary technology used in cosmetic surgery and allows remodeling silhouette through extraction of fat or adipose tissue in various body sites, using a cannula or syringe attached to a suction machine ( mechanical) liposuction or ultrasound (ultrasonic liposuction).


Then came liposuction, excess fat was being removed along with the skin (dermolipectomy and tucks), leaving therefore large scars. This technique was invented by Italian gynecologist Giorgio Fischer in 1974, however, was the French surgeon Gerard Yves Illouz the first to use it for cosmetic purposes in 1977. Illouz coupled cannula to a vacuum cleaner and inserting it under the skin, with reciprocating movements , fat tissue was detached and sucked. Since its introduction there have been changes and developments regarding cannulas, aspirators, anesthesia, and above all, more precise indications. In 1985 the dermatologist Jeffrey Klein invented the tumescent liposuction or wet method. At first this intervention was practiced under general anesthesia. Liposuction was performed only in the deeper portions of fat and large diameter cannulas were used. If the surgeon is excessively approached to the skin exist, because of the size of the cannulae, a high risk of irregularities. The intervention was very traumatic and the patient was admitted several days in the clinic and blood transfusions were practically the norm.

Liposuction Benefits

Fat removal has positive effects on their health and well being as it reduces the chances of heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and certain cancers. Although not remove large amounts of fat, this helps eliminate up to 10 pounds of localized fat, which do not go away with diet and exercise. It also works on people who want a breast reduction because large breasts can cause health problems such as back pain, pain in the neck and head, which can cause migraines.

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