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Nasal Surgery, Women and Men

Nasal surgery for women and men is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery in Miami. From actresses, athletes to men and women seeking to rejuvenate their face or aesthetic tweak to look figure, many decide to change their face touching up through nasal surgery part that they do not like themselves. My Cosmetic Surgery is indicated clinic for these treatments. There are two basic types of nasal surgery, closed rhinoplasty, and for both nasal open surgeries but is extremely important for all children on said surgery. A good and detailed information on the major risks, benefits and real results that can be reached. For this you need auto information as well as several views of various specialists. To make surgery have good results it is necessary that the surgeon consider the shape of the face and appropriate to achieve an asymmetry in this regard through rhinoplasty, the surgeon can reduce or widen the nostrils or change the form of technical the tip of the nose, or downsize or increase you by a prosthesis.

Nasal surgery, open Rhinoplasty

The benefit of an open rhinoplasty is that the surgeon will have greater access to the cartilage and nasal bone. In an open nasal surgery, the surgeon makes a cut in the columella carefully, the band that separates the nostrils. This allows the doctor to lift the skin from the tip of the nose and reshape the cartilage is likely to open rhinoplasty leave a visible scar where the surgeon makes the incision between the nostrils.

Nasal surgery, closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is the most traditional type of surgery, according The benefit of this procedure is that it won’t lefta visible scar. The incisions are made inside the nose. This method does not give much freedom to the surgeon, however, still be enough possibilities to remodel.


As the difference between the open and closed procedures lies in the place where the doctor makes the incision, preparing for surgery is the same in both cases, according Both procedures require local anesthesia, normally. Some doctors may recommend only general anesthesia. Recovery time is the same for open and closed rhinoplasty.

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