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Still taboo: penis surgery

There are issues that are still taboo in society. Penis surgery is one of this. Men and plastic surgery are still thousands of light years from women who have taken the lead in what is the remodeling of important parts of their body that give aesthetic beauty. In clinics like My Cosmetic Surgery the predominance of women in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments that improve the image of the skin of the face is seen.

And it even has to do with the most intimate parts, since many women undergo surgical vagina correction, when men could do the same with there reproductive organ. Medical studies show that while four women entering the genital surgery to improve their image, one man does. However, in recent times have seen a increase in men willing to refine what they thinks is an imperfection: the size of the penis.

 Penis surgery

We talked about the phrase “in his view” precisely because the main problem lies in their self-esteem, a diminished somewhat by the traditional canons of greater virility associated with an increased size of the penis. What more abounds in this type of surgery is the lengthening and thickening, although you can also be operated the scrotum and the foreskin to achieve a balance of the size of the entire genital environment.

In the case of the elongation can be released the ligaments that settle the penis to the pubic bone, which is accessed with the technique of laser on the part of the phallus hidden behind a wall of the skin, and subsequently – about a week after the above – perform a post-operative traction. With both procedures can be achieved together that the penis grow between two and four centimeters, always depending on the conditions of the body of each patient.

Other techniques for penis surgery

In many cases the problem is not in the penis itself, but in the amount of accumulated fat in the pubic area, so that in the same surgery you can include a lipo of pubis. We do not recommend the thickening at the same time that the lengthening as the recovery of a can interfere with the other. One of the most commonly used techniques for the latter treatment is the lipostructure technique, which uses the patient’s own fat.

It is necessary to clarify that this cosmetic surgery helps to optimize the appearance of the reproductive organ of the man, but does not serve to make your operation improve nor in daily activities or in the sexual. It is estimated that the normal size of penis around between 12 and 16 centimeters in a state of erection. An adequate study with the plastic surgeon can help determine the true problem of patients, due to the fact that on many occasions these undergo unnecessary surgery when in reality they have psychological problems.

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