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In the middle of a conversation is very frequent that the view of the caller is directed to the eyes and the mouth of them who speaks. That is why it is so important that these parts of the face are maintained with a youthful appearance so as to achieve a suitable aesthetic effect that pleases all the people.

The perioral area, that includes the area around the mouth, then it is of utmost importance for the facial rejuvenation. This area of the face is affected by the passing of the years, as the skin loses elasticity and the lips decreases its thickness, ripple with greater intensity the folds and wrinkles.

Techniques of perioral rejuvenation

Comes in a combination of function procedures ranging from the installation of a dental prosthesis, that provides a support to the upper lip, until the techniques that are going to benefit the external parts of the mouth. It is precisely these latter the ones that we put into practice in My Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, number one in Miami and throughout southern Florida in plastic surgeries to achieve dissipate the negative effects of aging on the skin.

The first thing our surgeons do is to enhance the lips lose volume. In our case we use the restylen and juvederm for lip fillers, since they have the particularity that are assimilated by the human body as a component to the form of hyaluronic acid. These contain the lidocaine, which works as a mild anesthetic, and makes it possible in a single sting anesthetized and insert the stuffing in a way practically painless. The effects can last half a year and a little more, and the majority of our patients repeated the treatment to ensure that their lips continue with increased thickness and brightness. Our specialists in cosmetic massaged the lips to ensure that the substance is distributed homogeneously and curb forming anomalies.

The reduction of wrinkles around the mouth is also very necessary, because as the years pass the same smile goes by determining the folds and furrows that eyesore the image. This can be done using the CO2 laser, chemical peels, the Jyutsu, as well as botox, radiesse and the already mentioned Restylane and juvederm. Any of these procedures makes it possible that the patient will recover quickly and have immediate results.

Perioral rejuvenation results

It may be the case of the formation of some redness of the skin, bruising, swelling, and some asymmetry, but all of them are temporary and can be solved easily with antiviral medications and care instructions of our cosmetic surgeons. Knowing that every patient is a particular case, may vary the recovery times of each person. What if we can ensure that the face is not suffer a sudden change that makes you think that you are another person. Simply we can get the image back to its youth and freshness.

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