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Talk with definitive terms of aesthetic fashion can be a safe source of error. This is so inconsistent that can be repeated at any time what makes something a few days it was retrograde. Well not only occurs with the fashion, but also with the image of the body and face, which constantly change. For example, with pubic hairs has happened something special, because for many years have been repudiated as a symbol of the unsightly and the dirt and that today, you will be having a silent relaunch. In addition, the current trend is to allow men and women do not have a “mountain of hairs” messed up, but rather a dense hair and well maintained, which may be subject to changes in the shape of figures if desire requires. In a few words, now, is a new trend the publib hair implant.

There is a condition that is quite negative for these aesthetic objectives for repopulation of hair in the pubic area: hypotrichosis, which is nothing more than a hairiness reduced, which translates into a hair small, poor and thin. For this problem – for other people, it would be, to have less hair to shave or shaving – there is a hair transplant, which is a very simple technique.

Pubic hair implant

The procedure consists in removing the scalp of the head of the same person a band of hair -can also be from the armpit-, disinfects, hair cut until about three millimeters in length, the pubis is numb with local anesthesia and the process of graft lasts around an hour.

It is recommended to start afresh the sex life until after about a week after the treatment and already in about three months the patient you will be able to notice the results of the growth and the consequent modeling according to the wishes of each person.

Plastic surgery in pubic hair implant

The part of where the band was extracted of hairs will be sutured with meticulous points, which will allow proper healing. For its part, the hair bulb will be separated and are positioning one by one in the incisions made with a knife or laser.

Of course, the plastic surgeon is fully able to position the hair in its natural direction and to guide the necessary care for the patient in their recovery, especially in regards to medication to take and hygiene. It is estimated that around one fifth of the implants of hairs is failed, a fact which can be contested with another session or how many it deems fit the patient.

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