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The reduction of nipples

The reduction of nipples is a common procedure because the disproportion between the size of the nipples is one of the abnormalities that less like to women at the time of showing off their bodies. Any of the forms: the stretched out, the bulky or large can recreate a mental demand on women to wear tight clothing, or simply to show their naked body in front of the man in sexual relationships. Although the shape of the nipples is usually hereditary, they can also grow once the lady moves at the later stage of pregnancy and lactation.

In this text refers to the women, although it is clear that this positive procedure can also be applied to men, who in many cases also suffer from this distortion. There are some ways to correct the nipple, since its realization as individual procedure, or associated with a reduction of breasts, with an increase or a breast lift.

The reduction of nipples, procedure

In the case of becoming independent from other cosmetic surgery, is characterized as a minor surgery, which uses local anesthesia, less than one hour’s duration and that enables a rapid recovery. The procedure is to keep the nipple attached to the chest and are only discarded the excesses.

Depending on the conditions of the nipple, the cosmetic surgeons of My Cosmetic Surgery will determine the specific technique to use in there case. Thus, it can be removed a crib or perform a edged circular. In the same way, when looking for the decrease of the length and diameter, can be merged techniques, as these are procedures that are integrated. Other procedures are distinguished by squeezing the nipple to the breast, which is the opposite process of the inverted nipple correction, on which we are talking about also in these pages.

Well fine sutures help to close incisions of undersized located at the base of the nozzle, where it is difficult to appreciate the traces of the operation. Already with men this intervention is less complexity, because it does not have to keep any physiological function with their breasts, as is the breast-feeding in women.

The reduction of nipples, recovery

It may be the case of some discomfort in the recovery, which will be offset with the antiviral medications of antibiotics and analgesics that our doctors will recommend to the patient. Depending on the conditions of the agency of each person, this can be incorporated into the work activities to the two or three days after the surgical procedure. In seven days will be removed the stitches and it is recommended not to do physical activity related with carrying weight until about two months after being operated on. Our patients are in contact with a medical followed up after the surgery until the total recovery. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen (and similars) because it can cause more bleeding.

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