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It is very frequent in women, the hypertrophy of the areola of the breasts. Even when this is not a health problem, in itself, really affects the image of the female body, which is very dependent on the integration of a series of aesthetic details, and within which the breasts are a lot of strength. These malformations can be due to congenital issues, but they can also be of pregnancy, lactation, or overweight.

Reduction of the areola, general issues

The deformation that more abounds is the oversize of the areola. Human anatomical studies indicate that the average diameter of a areola is 4.5 centimeters. Well, when they exceed this size creates a lack of aesthetics in the sinuses, unless they have a proportional size and that the woman does not aspire to a reduction in the breasts and the areolas.
There are different ways to achieve the areola decrease its size. One of the most commonly used is the rectification periareolar, which is nothing more than removing a part of the tissue surrounding the edge of the areola and then with stitches. The image of the breast lift can be achieved if it is a greater amount of tissue in the upper area of the areola. With this procedure ensures that the scars are less visible and that the operation is considered less risky.

In the event that will see a areola with appearance of inflammation applies a different technique, since there the plastic surgeon quickly enter in the glandular tissue under the breast beneath the areola, which gives it a form of strength and balance. Positive of this technique is that it does not affect milk ducts, so that after the surgery, the women will be able to continue with the idea of breastfeeding in the case you need it.

Reduction of the areola, for woman and man

This cosmetic surgery in My Cosmetic Surgery applies both individually and in the form annexed to surgeries in greater depth as the reduction of the sinuses, the increase in these, or an uprising. The areolas too larger must be applied straight cuts from the bottom of these toward the other breast, so as to enhance the effect of lifting.
In the case of the breast reductions, the decline of areola leads cuts with the figure of an anchor from the bottom of the breast until the areola. In men this surgery much also is linked to gynecomastia.
It is typically performed with general anesthesia, although some of our surgeons make more local with sedation. That depends on each specialist and what you want also the patient. The scar will be very nice stylized by our surgeons and located under the breasts. It is desirable that the patient does not submit to physical activities that require strength in the first two months after the surgery, as well as exposed to the sun. However, in about two or three days may be incorporated in the work, always depending on their individual development.

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