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Sagging skin is a symptom of old age that is present in many people. This is manifested in various places of the body, but in some such as the arms are too obvious, so that it withered the image. Medically known as Brachioplasty, the arm stretch is another of the plastic surgeries that with much success in My Cosmetic Surgery, a clinic which has the most prestigious surgeons throughout Miami and with the highest levels of acceptance throughout Florida.

Sagging Skin

This loose skin in the area of the lower arm is a symptom of changes in weight, because once that increases the weight stretches the skin and this does not always shrinks. This may also be due to genetic factors and the normal aging process. Neither the physical activity or diet can contribute to the skin shrink, so surgery becomes a required procedure in this case. The essence of the Brachioplasty is then carefully remove the excess skin and tighten the flaccid tissue in the upper arm. So it gets as a result a strong arm without any type of sagging skin.
Although some patients prefer to only this procedure, many others ask in our clinic to do it all together with other cosmetic surgeries as part of a body contouring that can also go to the thighs and the abdomen. In the event that the excesses of skin are not very large, since it can be practiced a four eyelids of arms, which uses an incision of less scale in the armpit and with less chance of visibility. Similarly, if you have in addition to the excess skin an excess of fat, you can have the union of the Brachioplasty with liposuction.
Although it is a surgery where women predominate as patients, men also took advantage of their benefits. In addition to the enormous favors to the person aesthetics, are also evident improvements to health since sagging skin can lead to itching and allergies in the area of the body.


Surgical Process

Actually the surgical process is quite simple. Takes advantage of the general anesthesia and our doctors cut in the upper arm, near the underarms, although the size of the incision may vary depending on the stretch of skin to remove. With a normal recovery, as any other operation of this type, because the patient might be incorporated into the work activity within a week or less -the sutures are removed in the same time-, although it should always be careful with the tampering, the excessive force, the dust and the sun.

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